Betting on Football: Things to Consider

Football is the most popular sport in the United States. It is even more popular than basketball and baseball. There are two types of football: Professional and college. The professional football is played in the National Football League (NFL) which has 32 teams and eight divisions with 16 games per team in a season. The college football is played by universities, colleges, and military academies’ students.

One of the main challenges that bettors face when betting on football is the few number of games played by each team hence making it hard to determine the strength of the teams. This is the challenge for both professional and college football bettors. For those who understand the sport and are yet to start betting on it, this article gives you a detailed betting guide to start and improve your football betting.

How to Bet on Football

Just like betting on any sport, it is always good to understand how betting on football is done. Football allows different bets. Bookies utilize this and offer different bets for gamblers to choose from. For instance, players can bet on teams, players, points scored or even on the winner of the tournament. You can simply bet on the team that will win the game or the player who will score most points.

Other types of bets people place are the number of points a certain team will score. This can also be in the form of the total number of points that will be scored in the game. In this case, for instance, the punter will place a bet on the minimum or maximum number of the points that will be scored. There are other options where you can bet on the teams that will play in the Super Bowl or the player that will be awarded the MVP award at the end of the season. All these are varieties of bets you can wager on in the football.

Common Types of Football Bets

The knowledge of the football markets helps you access the variety of options available to make successful bets. It helps you in determining which game to bet on and when and even in coming up with your betting strategy. The following are some of the common types of football bets;

Points Spread

This the most popular bet in football. In this bet, bookmakers decide a figure which gives either an advantage based on the margin if the team that is likely to win or a disadvantage if that team is not scoring extra points in addition to spread amount. They do this to have a variety of bets for each team when one of them is underperforming. This gives all bettors a higher chance of winning.


This is the simplest type of bet in football. In this type of bet, bettors simply choose a team that will win the game. If the team that you bet on wins, you win the bet and if it loses you lose the bet.


This type of bet is also known as Over/Under. It involves betting on the total combined points for the game. If you choose over, it means that you win if the total points scored in the game are above a certain set level and if you choose under it means they points should be below that level for you to win.

Choosing Good Football Bets

Information is important especially when you want to bet on football. If you apply this knowledge without bias, you are likely to win big in football bets. Always do your research before you decide the handicap you give a particular side. Also, make sure you know and access the half points’ benefits. Look at the historical statistics before making your decision.

Make sure you understand football and the market well and always start with the teams you are familair with. Also, it is advisable to have different bookmakers to bet for and keep your betting records. Lastly, be prepared to learn along the way.

Pros and Cons of Football Bets


  • There many different options to bet on.
  • Although this is not unique to football betting, with Moneyline, you only bet on the team to win.
  • You stand a chance of win big when you place your bet on underdogs.


  • It is hard to get it right since teams play few games per season hence hard to know the strength of teams.
  • When you betting on a favorite against the spread you must win with a specific number of points.


Betting on football is fun and sometimes you can win big on it. However, like with any other type of betting, there is also a risk of losing money. It is always good to research the teams, players, odds and the best type of bet before placing your bet.

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