A Guide to Bookmaker Promotions and Special Offers

In the world of betting and online gambling, one factor has become very predominant, and that is the promotional offer doled out by the casinos. It’s often viewed as one of the advantages that the online casinos have over the brick and mortar homes. The bonuses and promo offers come in their numbers, and are offered at different occasions. They could be given as a show of hospitality to welcome new players. Some are given when these players commit to the site by paying in money for games. Others may come when the account holder achieves some milestone in the site. While players must qualify for the promo offer, there are also rules and obligations guiding the use of these. Below, we will be looking at the most common of these promotional gifts from the bookmakers.

Free Bet Bonus

This is the type of promotional offer where the bookmaker allows players to place free bets of some amount of credit. While doing this, the player must adhere to some wagering rules, and these differ according to the booker that is offering the bonus.

The conditions may include what you must do to qualify for the free bets, the number of odds on the bet you must place with them, and other requirements.

Cash Sign Up Offer

This normally comes as a form of reward of some percentage of the amount the player deposits first into their betting account. Some bookers may make it a 50% reward, while others may give a 100% reward. They are also capped at some amounts, no matter the amount of percentage. To get hold of this, the player must deposit a given minimum amount and there may also be some restrictions to the types of sports or events they could be enjoyed with.

No Deposit Bonus

Now, we have explained that the free bet bonus comes to players from time to time after they must have made some monetary commitments in the betting site. The cash deposit bonus comes as a reward of some percentage of the amount deposited initially into the booker, and the no deposit bonus is given completely free of charge.

Here, we are talking about the type of booker promotional offer that welcomes new players even when they have not made any monetary commitments. They don’t come with any extra condition, they are rare, and when given, they consist of a small amount to avoid abusing them.

Money Back (Cash Back Bonus)

This is the one that many gamblers enjoy. It comes as a win-win bet type of promo. Here, the booker specifies a particular amount for you to bet on a specified type and number of games. When any bettor goes ahead and wagers the given amount on the given games and loses the bet, the booker refunds them the entire bet amount. Now, it is also good to note that while some of the bookmakers will give back the money as free credits that you can only use to bet, others will return them back as money in your account which you can use as you deem fit.

Mobile Bonuses

The fact that mobile gaming makes things easier for the bookers and that they want to get more people to use their mobile devices for betting, they encourage mobile betting with special bonuses. This type of bonus was more prevalent at the arrival of the mobile devices. But this has reduced, as more people choose to use mobile for games.

Enhanced odds

This is used to encourage players that stick with some bookmakers. Here, the odds on certain markets are set especially higher and offered to these select players, and they are invited to wager on them. This is used to appreciate them and give them the chance to win more.


There are some other forms of promos offered by bookies that are special in nature. Most of them are tied to some events, some particular sports, or even some tournaments. They may even include in house competitions for things like the highest odds, bets forecast, etc.

Things to Consider When Dealing With Bonuses from Bookmakers

Now, no one wants to loose, not you and not the bookmaker. However, the one who is wise enough or who gets lucky finally wins. While the bookmakers are doling out these promo offers to lure in new players and retain their old ones, they attach some conditions to them to avoid making the entire thing a free ride. Whether it is football betting, betting on basketball or any other, there must be conditions attached to the bonuses.

Qualifying Deposits

Apart from a few of the bonuses, all the others come with some amount of qualifying deposits, especially the sign up offers. So, before you land any of these, you must deposit the stipulated amount, and in most cases, wager with it before you can lay hands on and make use of the given bonus.

Minimum Odds

This is also a thing in bookmakers’ promos, and you must learn about it. You are mostly not left to do whatever you want with the given bonus, and even you qualifying bets. Some bookers will specify the amount of odds you must use them on. It mostly revolves around 1.5 and 2.0 odds. If you fail to adhere to this, you may lose everything.

Wagering Requirements

This is the most important, because almost all bonuses come with them. In some bookers, you must use your free bet amount or the free bet plus the qualifying bet a certain number of times before you can withdraw money from your winnings. If this is not met, you can’t carry out any withdrawal. Here, the sports and games you must wager the bonus on may also be given.

Time Limits

Both the qualifying bets and the given bonuses normally come with some time limits, after which the entire thing becomes void. In most cases, you will have about 7 days to make the qualifying deposit and claim the bonus after creating an account, and about 30 days to use the bonus or it will become invalid.

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