Betting on eSports: CS:GO, Dota 2 and other disciplines of competitive gaming

Thanks to the advent of technology, games have now gone electronic. You can access your favorite game and play it anywhere and anytime via an electronic device as a video game. Though these games get to be played electronically, they are similar to the physical games in many aspects, including betting.

It has resulted in video gaming getting regarded as a sport, and many players are doing it worldwide and professionally. These video games get referred to as esports. Thousands of dollars get used every year in professional esports. The most popular esports disciplines in the world are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. These two disciplines generate the most amount of esports bets. Do you love video games and are interested in knowing about eSports betting? Then you may need to continue reading for insight.

Defining eSports Betting

Esports is a short form of electronic sports and means competitive video gaming. But when people place bets on various winning options of these games, it becomes esports betting. Though video gaming has been competitive all along by itself, it has attracted gamblers in recent years. As a result, esports betting has become a mega business. For example, in the final World Championship held in Katowice, Poland, in 2017, about 173,000 people attended the live show. Compared to the previous year, the number had increased by about 100,000 people.

Could you be interested in participating in esports betting but have no idea how to go about it?. Check out the following for insight.

How to Make eSports Bets

Esports consists of numerous games and genres. Before making a bet, you need to consider the following:

• The types you enjoy

• The games you play

• The games you know about

After deciding on which video game you want to place a bet on, look for a suitable esports market. Choose an esports market based on the type of bet you want. Through the right esports market, you will get to place your bet effectively. But esports markets are many and might confuse you. Below is a list of popular markets ideal for placing a wager.

I. Match Handicap

In this market, you get to give your alleged superior team an appropriate handicap to help level the playing ground. For instance, if you bet -1 goal on Team Y, to cover its handicap, it must win by over a goal to earn you a bet.

II. Match Winner 2-Way

The market is all about the team to win.

III. Totals

The market works with a total number of particular events. For example, rounds, goals, or kills, in a game under or over a set figure by the bookmaker.

The process is easy. On selecting your ideal online bookmaker, register then login.

  • Select your favorite game and the event to bet on. Then choose the market — for example, an under or over market.
  • Click on the associated odds to place a bet slip — for example, Over 3.0' at odds of 31/30.
  • When finished, enter your stake and confirm your bet.

By clicking on the "Place Bet" button, you get a receipt. Voila! You'll have placed a bet successfully online. But esports bets are different types and may confuse you. Here is an insight into what each entails.

Types of eSports Bets

a) Social Betting

It usually doesn't get recommended because it involves placing private wagers with other people. If you don't know the person, he or she may rip you off.

b) Challenge Betting

You need to be a skilled gamer to take part in this bet. The players agree on the stake either informally or through challenge sites like WorldGaming.

c) Real Money Betting

It is easy to play, fun, and ideal for beginners. You only need to place a wager based on an event's or other sports' outcome.

Pros of eSports Bets

Compared to regular sports bet, esports betting comes with a bunch of benefits as the following:

1. More Viewers

Esports competitions can attract millions of spectators if organized professionally. But when available for betting, esports viewers increase immensely because many people prefer watching live games if they wager events on them.

2. Great Sponsorship Deals

Sponsors go for popularity and security. Compared to other regular sports, esports are more appealing to reputable sponsors.

3. Better Salaries and More Prize Money

Individual players and teams get to enjoy a significant amount of money as a prize or salary. As a result, esports participants get motivated. The esports also get advanced to a professional level with more competent players and professional staff and coaches.

Cons of eSports

a. Challenging

Though there are people who make money betting on esports, it's not easy. You need to analyze the results of the previous tournament and carry out research on the team or players.

b. Untrustworthy Betting Companies

Not all betting companies are genuine. Avoid cheap betting sites; you may get subjected to fraud.

c. Lack of Knowledge

You don't just decide to place a bet on esports. You need to first familiarize yourself with the players and teams. Get to know the strength of each player and team. Otherwise, it is easy to lose your bet.

The Biggest Esports Tournaments Ever Held

There are many Esports tournaments. Here is a list of the popular ones:

• Overwatch World Cup

• The International

• Evolution Championship Series

• Intel Extreme Masters

• Fortnite World Cup Finals

 • CS: GO Majors

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