Baseball Betting Guide: Bet Types, Odds, Leagues and More

Baseball betting is not so popular, with basketball and football accounting for two-thirds of the total bets placed in the US. For players wishing to try something new, this baseball betting guide will be resourceful.

Why Bet on Baseball?

Baseball gambling may not be as popular as football, soccer, and basketball betting. But from the experts' perspective, it's the best and most profitable sport to bet on because of two main reasons.

1. Sabermetrics

For starters, sabermetrics is the empirical analysis of baseball. With sabermetrics, bookmakers, punters, and bettors can predict the outcomes of baseball matches more accurately, so for the sharp bettors, it's easier to make money with baseball betting, compared to other American sports.

2. Bet on specifics

Now, the reason it's easier to bet on baseball is that analyzing individual performance is straightforward. A baseball game consists of virtually several mini-games that pit pitchers vs the batter, or the defender vs the batted ball, within the main game.

Types of Baseball Bets

Just like other sports, baseball has extensive markets. But the best can be categorized into three main types; Money Line, Run Line, and Totals.

I Money Line Bets

Also known as straight-up bets, these are the most straightforward bets in baseball and are offered by almost all sportsbooks. Simply put, these are predictions of which team wins the match. With Money Line bets, the team with (-) is the favorite while that with (+) is the underdog.

The typical Money Line odds would look like this: 

  • Orioles +130
  • Yankees - 150

From the above example, the favorites are the Yankees, and the -150 means, players need to risk $150 to make a $100 profit if the match goes their way. As for the Orioles, they are the underdogs, and +130 implies that you need to wager $100 to make a $130 profit.

And it's not just about comprehending the odds, make sure to understand how to make the right Money Line bets. Here, two things are crucial - defense and offense. 

  • Offense: First, note who's the starting pitcher for the defense after rotation. Among the starting pitcher stats to look out for include the IP (Innings Pitched), ERA (Earned Run Average) WHIP (Walks Plus Hits per Innings Pitched) and WARP (Wins Above Replacement Player).
  • Defense: Also know the hitters, also known as the batters. Here are some of the statistics to look out for when scouting for the best hitters/batters; PA (Plate Appearances), OBP (On-Base Percentage), wOBA (weighted On-Base Average), and ISO (Isolated Power). 

II Run Line Bets

These bets are a little bit advanced, so players may need more in-depth knowledge of the game to make the right choices. The good thing is that they offer better value and come in handy when wagering on favorites.

When making a Run Line bet, for example, on a favored team with a -1.5 odds, it must win by two or more runs for the bet to be successful. If the same bet was made on an underdog team with a +1.5 odds, the team needs to lose by only one, or win.

III Totals (Under/Over)

Totals are the most popular wagers in baseball betting and involve the total number of runs scored by the two teams. The odds are set with a ''hook'' that ensures all accepted bets fall on either side of the line. An example of Totals (under/over) bet is;

  • Under /Over - 4.5

What these odds mean is that for an Over bet to go through, the total runs need to be equal to, or exceed 5. As for the Under, the total runs need to be equal to, or below 4.

And it's not just the runs; there are several other Totals baseball bets that are as follows.

  • Money Line, Run Line, and Totals are not the only bets in baseball. Other bets on the markets include;
  • Parlays - This is a combination of Money Line, Run Line, and or Total Bets combined into one bet slip. It is lucrative, but if just a single pick in the slip loses, the entire wager is lost.
  • Future bets - Examples include, who will win the World Series, which teams will win each pennant, the MVP, and so on
  • Prop bets - They include; whether any pitcher will record a perfect game, fastest pitch recorded, longest home run hit, who will be sacked, steroid suspensions, and so on.

Baseball Betting Tips

Baseball betting is increasingly becoming popular. While there are strategies that work, winnings are not guaranteed. For beginners, make sure to wait for the season to get into full swing for teams to get their form. Also, don't rely on winning streaks like in football, basketball, and soccer and avoid betting based on rivalries.

Where to Bet on Baseball

Finally, we are coming to the end of this baseball betting guide. Now, where should players bet on baseball?

Sportsbooks and some online casinos offer baseball betting. Make sure to bet with a renowned and trusted bookmaker, especially those with a niche in baseball betting. Also, consider aspects like usability, banking options, and, most importantly, licensing.

Which League is Best for Baseball Betting

MLB (Major League Baseball) is the best probably because you have a favorite team. Apart from the MLB, the NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) is also a popular baseball league to bet on. The Japanese baseball outfit is rated as the second-best in the world. Other leagues to bet on include National League, Minor League Baseball, e.t.c.

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