A Beginner’s Guide to Golf Betting

Golf has continuously been among the most common sports globally. With the emergence of online betting, golf has rapidly attracted many people to bet on it. Golf is a great sport to wager on since you can win big. It gives many betting choices available on such as the winner of the tournament, the leader of the first round, head-to-head, top nationality among others. Just like any other sports betting, you can expect to win or lose. However, when you use a good betting strategy, you can maximize your winnings and minimize your losses.

If you are a golf enthusiast and interested in betting on the sport, there are many betting options, markets, and bookies that you can use to start. This article acts as a guide for beginners who would want to start betting on golf.

How Golf Betting Works

As opposed to other sports, golf betting involves placing your bet on an individual as opposed to a team. This means you wager on the performance of the individual golfer.

Types of Golf Bets

Since golf is played by individuals and not by teams like baseball or football, the types of wagers placed on tournaments are different. The following some of the common golf bets;

Odds betting

This involves placing your bet on a particular golfer to win a tournament. Bookies give top golfers different odds to win outright. The list of players and the payout for a successful bet is provided by bookies so it is easy to read the odds.

Head-to-Head Betting

In this type of bet, you place a bet on two athletes to perform well in a tournament. This is easier to bet than choosing an outright tournament winner.

Top-Three Finish Betting

This bet involves betting on the possibility of a golfer finishing in the top three positions in a given tournament. This is way easier than choosing an outright winner. However, the payout is relatively lower since the odds of winning this bet are very high.

Parlay Betting

This involves multiple bets joined into one wager. Parlay choices differ from bookie to bookie and you can bet on the position of numerous athletes into a top ten finish. The payout increase with the number of bets you combine.

Prop Bets

This involves betting on different specific outcomes that may or may not occur during an event. There are many things you can bet on during a single golf tournament. The possibilities are truly endless. Prop bets are fun to watch play out but at the same time they are very risky because of the odds involved.

How to Choose Good Golf Bet

There are a few things you need to consider when betting on a certain golfer. These include;


Since golf is played outdoors, it is very important to consider the weather during the period of the tournament. Weather conditions can affect the outcomes of the tournament. For instance, a strong wind can affect the individual golfer performance and rain can lead to postponement of the whole event. 

Course Differences

Golf courses are not uniform and different golfers will perform differently on different courses. When placing your bet on a golfer, it is good to consider the course the tournament is held on. This will help you determine if it is the type of golf course the golfer performs well on.

Recent Performance

You should never bet on a golfer based on their career achievements but rather their recent performance. Just like in any other sport, athletes will peak at some time and then their performance starts declining. You never know when this time comes so it is always good to look at their most recent tournaments and make your decision based on that.

Golf Tournaments You Can Bet On

National Pro-Am

This tournament happens early every year and it involves both professional and amateur golfers. Although it is one of the most exciting tournaments, it is a bit difficult to bet on it because it is early in the pro season.


Majors is a collective name of four different tournaments: the PGA Championship, the Masters Tournament, the Open Championship, and the US Open which are very important and very prestigious. The majors attract the best golfers in the world and allow bettors to bet on their favorite golfers. 

The Ryder Cup

This is an international tournament for the United States and Europe teams. The tournament happens once in two years and is also a great opportunity for golf bettors.

Advantages of Golf Betting

Golf tournaments take few days and give punters adrenaline as they have to wait for long to know the outcome of their bets. However, it is very exciting as the top golfers face one another regularly. This opens up handicapping chances for punters attracted to crunching the numbers and making a comparison of golfers’ performance.


Now you have learned the basic information on golf betting. If you already know the sport and players, you can now start having fun betting on golf and maybe you can even make some bucks out of it.

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